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SUBJECT: # 25952: Gelcoat application instructions

Submitted by Tom Stewart from TEXAS on 9/9/03 10:48:00 AM

I just bought a 85 Pursuit center console that I need to restore....There are numerous "trailer" dings in the gelcoat as well as other gouges and scratches. I would also like to patch small holes where instruments have been mounted (not guage holes).
A guy told me to slap some gelcoat on and buff it out...I have bought gelcoat to touch up before and it was the consistancy of hi build or thick paint and would not suffice to patch a hole...Can you share some of your knowledge with me.......

Tom Stewart

  1. 9/9/03 1:43:00 PM Submitted by mike snow ( from TEXAS says fiberglass repair kit
    Get a fiberglass repair kit, which will include resin and matting. You fill holes with fiberglass... you repair gelcoat with gelcoat.

  2. 9/9/03 2:08:00 PM Submitted by waterspout from TEXAS says There is a
    substance that you mix with the gel coat to make it thick(I beleve its cavasil)its a fluffy powder type mix you stir in as you mix the gel with the hardner. you can get them to match your glass(gel) if you take your boat or a sample of the color. I use Res-Tex in pasadena talk to Richard 281 487 4428 if your around the houston area. Good Luck

  3. 9/10/03 4:59:00 PM Submitted by Dunk75 ( from NEW JERSEY says Epoxy....
    Don't use anything polyester based(Bondo, Formula 27) to patch the scraps and dings. For filling small scraps the best thing to use is epoxy and cabosil. You mix this together yourself and make a putty. Polyester resins, the resin you put drops of hardener in will not bond and it not waterproof. It will strink and fall out. has everything you need along with a Epoxy online manual you should read.

  4. 9/10/03 10:04:00 PM Submitted by JackR ( from TEXAS says Small hole patch
    If it is not structual I use Marine-Tex to fill small holes. Such as screw holes. I drill them out the next size larger to expose new surface first..

  5. 9/11/03 10:59:00 AM Submitted by Tom Stewart from TEXAS says Advice from Dunkinator & Waterspout
    Dunk & Waterspout:

    Dunk: I spoke with the people at Raka and they said that they cannot color match their product and gelcoat does not stick to it well...his words were epoxy to polyester ok, polyester to epoxy will not adhere well....he suggested gelcoat paste to repair....what has been your experience with gelcoat patching with this method.

    Waterspout: Thanks for the contact....I will call them today.

    Thansk for all of your help.....


  6. 9/11/03 11:36:00 AM Submitted by Dunk75 ( from NEW JERSEY says Location..??
    When you said trailer dings I assumed they were on the bottom of the boat. You's be surprised at how close epoxy/cabosil putty will match that off white hull of a Pursuit. Above the waterline try these guys for a gelcoat match Don't forget to ask for surfacing agent. It's wax you mix with the gelcoat that seals it from air till it dry's. Without it gelcoat coat will dry, but it won't harden.

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