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SUBJECT: # 13009: Fishing is over for me in 99 now I need your help "gas stabilizer?"

Submitted by Gary ( from NEW YORK on 12/4/1999 8:16:00 PM

25 GW powered by twin 150's Ocean pros 1997 (325 hours)is being pulled up tomorrow here in the North East. They asked me if I wanted to put in gas stabilizers. Now I know what the words mean individually but what exactly is that going to do for me? I have a main tank 120 gallon capacity and an auxillary 80 gallons, both are 1/2 full, at the moment, the boat is stored outside on land. Is this a gimick or is it something that provides benefit? If it is worthwhile how much do I use and is it a simple additive to the fuel?. Our bottom temps run down to about -5 in the winter and the typical low temp from late December until early March is from 22 to 27 degrees does that help sign me off as inquisitive, Gary..

  1. 12/4/1999 8:37:00 PM Submitted by Capt.Spike ( from NEW HAMPSHIRE says No gimick
    I use and have had no problems using gas stabilizer. I use the brand stor-n-start by mdr. 1 ounce treats 5 gallons, and its reasonably priced. When I first got my boat the mechanic suggested keeping the tank full for the winter to cut down on tank eroding condensation. He now recommends leaving tanks low, because the gas breaks down quicker than it used to (additives or something). Either way I always stabilize the gas on my last trip so it gets up into the carbs and then add more if I top it off. Good luck and don't forget your water lines. Capt.Spike
  2. 12/4/1999 10:44:00 PM Submitted by Thom ( from WEST of VIRGINIA says Use It
    They aren't shooting you a line of cra%. The stuff delays the breakdown of the fuel to that gum we all dread. The stuff I use is the same as Capt. Spike; Store-N-Start by MDR. As luck would have it the bottle of it that I happened to have on the counter still has the price tag on it - $9.98 and it treats 80 gallons. Go ahead and get some (of whatever brand is handy locally). Dump it in with the half tank you have in there now and then fill the tanks the rest of the way. Let it sit for a bit then start your engines and let them run for 10 or 15 minutes - whatever it takes to give you a comfy feeling that treated fuel has found its way to the engines. From there go ahead with whatever your winter ritual is. I find shaking of red beads has better effect than the years I shake the blue ones, or the bird bones but I really don't want to talk religion here ....


  3. 12/5/1999 4:58:00 PM Submitted by Gary ( from NEW YORK says Took your advice on the fuel stabilizer...
    Picked up enough for 100 gallons of resident fuel I guess it can't hurt, the boat will be pulled tomorrow even after this wonderful 60 degree day - tantilizing. I put the Marine radio on channel 68 a guy says he spotted breaking Bluefin in 95 feet of water, (he was trolling "jetheads")that is about 10-12 miles off Long Island's south shore, surface temps are about 50 degrees. I guess it could be true as the Herring run has just started and there have been rumours of Mackeral as well, anyway thanks for the advice.Gary.

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