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SUBJECT: # 13083: 2 Shamrock questions

Submitted by Inquiror ( from GEORGIA on 12/12/1999 9:36:00 AM

In looking at ads for used Shamrocks in the 22-24 foot range, cuddys seem to predominate. Is this because there are more of them than CC's or WA's or because people are less satisfied with the style?

When I purchase a used Shamrock and replace the engine, should I stick with the same horsepower or could I increase it to the current 300 hp?

  1. 12/12/1999 10:21:00 AM Submitted by Leprechaun ( from NEW YORK says More Shamrock Questions
    Inquiror - Boy for a manufacturer that NEVER turns out more than 300 boats a year, Shamrock sure seems to get its share of interest here on the board. To answer your questions - 1/ Shamrocks (At least the keel-drive models) tend to be a little more "Wet" than most outboard or I/O boats so the CC models are not really the hot tip, especially up here in the NE. The walk-around (W/A) models are too new for there to be many of them around, hence not many for sale. Gavin, a regular poster on this board has a new 246 WAC - one of the few I know of - and he LOVES it - but his boat is a pocket-drive not a keel-drive. Now it seems to me that Shamrock owners are a little like Porsche owners. No REAL Porche-phile would EVER consider a water-cooled model - everybody KNOWS real Porsches have air-cooled motors. Its a little like that with the keel vrs pocket-drive formats, each has its proponents and advantages but I for one am a traditionalist and like the handling and protection of a keel. BUT, you'll NEVER get real speed out of a keel-drive dragging around all that extra hull weight, but that's OK with me. A 20kt cruise serves my purposes, but I can see how that wouldn't work if you're Canyon fishing. I don't think Shamrock makes a W/A in keel drive unless the newest 21' model is one. I'm not really sure. Just remember ANY Shammie is in the top few production-line boats as far as structural strength and overall construction quality. There's better out there, but I believe you have to go Custom-built to get it. 2/ You most certainly can up the HP to the 300hp range on any Shamrock, but a few things to bear in mind. First - these boats have a certain "Hull-Speed" that they just don't seem to be able to exceed. As an example - my dock-mate has a Pilothouse 26' in which he just last year installed a new Ford 351 HO 285 HP motor. He cruised at 21kts at 10 gph before (with a VERY tired Ford 351/240hp) and guess what, now he goes 21kts at 10.5 gph. More expensive motor, with more HP but same speed. Of course he does get a litle more top end, maybe he went 29kts at 4000 with the old 250hp (Non-roller motor) and now he gets maybe 31kts at 4200. Not really any quantitative increase that we can see. Or use. Of course he also put a little more pitch in the prop to capitalize on the bigger engine, but again not really worth the extra bucks. A second Pilothouse 26 is used locally by Seatow. It has a Big-block Chevy (454 I think) and guess what? 22kts at 12gph, so no improvement there to speak of. I think the factory got the engine/trans/prop combination just exactly right 250-260hp w/1.5:1 BW Velvet-drive and a 16x17 prop. Of course that's for the 26s. The 20s used a 302 195hp Ford with a 1:1 drive BW and a 13x13 prop. Now another dock-mate of mine repowered his 20' Cuddy 2 years ago from the 302/195hp to the 351HO/285hp motor. Again, no real improvement. I think the 1:1 box and smallish "Square" prop are working against him. Plus his fuel gph went all to hell, from around 6 gph to 10 gph at cruise with no appreciable gain in cruise-speed. But the problem with the 20/22' boats is that the trans is low to the hull and a reduction-gear box will not physically fit in there. so you're stuck turning a small prop very fast instead of a larger prop slower to take advantage of the extra torque available. I also am not sure what size prop the 20/22' hull will swing, but probably not much bigger than the 13" that's on there now.

    Well that was a long-winded series of answers to your questions. If you need more reading exercise, feel free to e-mail me or post 'em here.

    Regards, Leprechaun

  2. 12/13/1999 12:08:00 PM Submitted by Gavin ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Shamrock WACs and CC
    Hey INQ, I am not sure why you see more WAC's than the CC. Shamrock makes several models that have the keel drive in both the WAC and CC: 260 open, 260 express, 220 WAC, 220 open, 220 cuddy, 200 open & the 200 WAC. I have the 246 WAC, and I have to be honest with you, I wish I had the keel. They don't make a keel drive in the 25ft range. The pocket drive is so quick to jump up on plane it makes your head swim! I am impressed with the performance of the pocket drive, but I would rather have the safety of knowing that I have some means of protecting my prop. I can yank a skiier out of the water so fast even THEY can't believe it! I miss a keel, but very happy with the maneuverability of the pocket drive. The beauty of the Shamrock is when you go to re-power it, you can place almost any small block engine in her belly. Small Yanmar's & Cummins diesels will fit in there too! Lot's of options. I have the Chevy 350 TBI makin' 300 horses. I am happy with this power plant, and will have her for a very long time. I am NOT a speed demon, but I fish out of Hatteras, and it's a mere 8 miles to the gulfstream. Personally, I don't mind going a bit slower, it just makes you become more aware of your surroundings, i/e you look for schools! Screamin' Drags baby! Gavin/NC

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