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SUBJECT: # 14060: JC hull

Submitted by Al ( from MASSACHUSETTS on 2/25/2000 8:22:00 PM

Im interested in buying a 31ft eastern J.C. hull. i want to fish giants off stellwagon bank.How good is this hull for offshore fishing

  1. 2/25/2000 10:33:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Tom ( from MASSACHUSETTS says JC31 and JC35
    Hi Al. I fished a 35JC/3208 Cat for several years in the 90s on Stellwagen and beyond to Wildcat Knoll. The 35JC was a horror in a following sea. The JC 31 is a much better hull. Coincidentally I was talking to the Eastern people today at Bayside and found out they had also got the 35 foot mold from JC. Eastern has made some modifications to the 35 hull because of its bad following sea characteristics. Those single engine boats are great on fuel. Although now the price of deisel is sky high. We could run from Scituate to Wildcat on 45 gals round trip on the JC35. The next boat was a 41 Hatteras twin 671s; the same trip was 135gals fuel. Stick with the 31 hull and a single deisel about 375 HP. A charter skipper in our marina has a 31 Eastern and is pleased with it's performance. When are you planning to buy ? I might be able to put you in touch with him. - Tom
  2. 2/26/2000 10:15:00 AM Submitted by Capt.Spike ( from NEW HAMPSHIRE says Not to sound redundent
    My contacts that have had or been in JC/ eastern boats say its a crap shoot. You may get a good one or you may get a lemon. I'd prefer a builder that is noted for consistantly building good boats. my.02 there are a lot of downeast boat builders with affordable prices check them and thier reputation out first.
  3. 2/26/2000 6:58:00 PM Submitted by Albert ( from MASSACHUSETTS says JC hull
    Thanks Capt Tom for your resonse.Im interested in buying a 30 ft quality inboard deisel boat. I want a reliable, stable and fast boat(25knts). Are there any downeast boats that you can recomend
  4. 2/26/2000 9:08:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Tom ( from MASSACHUSETTS says Inboard deisels
    Hi AL. For down east hulls companies like Duffy and Young Bros. comes to mind. I like the lines on a BHM but they arn't fast. I am sure there are some Maniacs (People from Maine) who are lurking that could recommend some builders. Boats like a Holland seem to run faster on a same horsepower and size basis. If you can go smaller, Cape Cod Marine,So Dennis MA has a 26 foot CC single deisel inboard. They claim 30 kts cruise and about 31/2 miles per galllon. - Tom
  5. 2/27/2000 9:13:00 AM Submitted by Capt.Spike ( from NEW HAMPSHIRE says Since you didn't ask me but others may want to know..
    Atlantic boat works (Duffy & Duffy joined with BHM)207-359-4658, H&H marine 207-546-7477, Hollands boat shop 207-338-3155, RP boat shop (one of the hottest builders have a sweet 31 priced right but be prepared to wait they are booked solid 207-546-0988,Young brothers 207-963-7222, TJason boats 207-546-2066, Wesmac 207-667-4822. There are a bunch more smaller outfits around but these should keep your phone bill high enough.Pick up a copy of the commercial fishing news or national fisherman for other builders and finishers. Some builders can get you a kit boat quicker than a finished boat and you have someone else finish it for you. If your looking for speed you just have to add hp for most of these hulls(aside from bhm,slow but stabile)Holland will be the best bet for speed with low hp. But they can pound in a good head sea.There are just a ton of builders downeast some priced with there reputation which is well earned and some newer companys pricing to get a chunk of the market. When I hear of the commercial lobstermen lining up behind a builder you know they got a good hull and a good price.(RP 31',Mitchell cove 32') These two builders are swamped as are most, just ask around you'll find out what hulls are better and who finishes them off best. Good luck the whole process is much like building a house. Except the builder is a long way away.
  6. 2/27/2000 9:49:00 PM Submitted by ALbert ( from MASSACHUSETTS says JC hull
    Thanks again Capt Spike & Capt Tom for giving me some info on a new boat.I will spend the next 4 months checking out Main built inboard boats. One boat that looks good is the 26ft General Marine inboard. I already have a 27ft eastern io .But would like more of an offshore fishing boat because my fishing time is limited. Ive only seen the web site of the general marine it looks great but Im not sure if this boat is still to small. I hope I wont confuse things to much but I have to ask this question thats driving me crazy.At the boat show i couldnt get off or stop looking at the 28ft carolina sportfishing boat twin inboard deisel and tower and controls for 170,000.(ouch)! 30knt cruise , what a boat.Is this boat really worth that kind of money or should i save 40,000 and buy a main built downeast boat? Now i'm more confused then before.
  7. 2/28/2000 12:42:00 PM Submitted by Capt.Spike ( from NEW HAMPSHIRE says Depends on what you want
    The downeast boats are cheap to start but don't have a lot of amenities. The more you add the higher the price goes. Obviously two motors cost more than one, add the tower and controls, finished cabin with galley and you will soon be approching the costs or exceeding the cost of the carolina classic. The real benifit of a downeast hull is they are displacement hulls and made to commercial standards. To me worth the extra money. It all depends how fancy you want to get as to how much you'll spend. Its nice to be able to get a hull at any stage of completion you want not like the production boats. One style. Downeast hulls hold there value better from what I've seen and when the economy hits the dumps you will still be able to sell it as a commercial hull to a prospective lobsterman or whatever. You can't do that with a sportfisherman. Sportfishing boats are nice and for what they have in them the money is good. If you add all the goodies to the downeast hull be prepaired to spend much more. my .02

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