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SUBJECT: # 14166: Console curtains, for new boat. Need suggestions......

Submitted by Skipjack ( from FLORIDA on 3/3/2000 10:50:00 PM

I'll be getting my new boat next week. First I have to get with the canvas guy about instaling Captain's Curtains around the front of the center console. I saw a simular boat that had clear curtains that zipped on at the back edge of the console and went to the deck and anchored on the back side of the leaning post. This had the effect of completely enclosing the captains space. When not in use the curtains rolled up to the T Top and were strapped. I have also seen some boats that had attachable wings that some how attached to the console and spread over to the gunnel. Some went to the deck, others only went down gunnel high, letting spray through to the captains legs. The wings seem to be a better way to protect passengers seated in the stern or hanging on the the rear of the leaning post. My question is, which style seeems to work best to protect the crew, the T Top full enclosure, or a wing arangement. On wings, where do you store them and do they roll up for storage or have to be folded flat. Do they get in the way fishing? Any input appreciated!! Skipjack

  1. 3/4/2000 9:22:00 AM Submitted by CapeHorn Mike ( from LOUISIANA says I am in the same "Boat"
    How's it going Skipjack? First of all, from a previous converstion, I decided on a Furuno FCV582L sounder! Now then, I am picking my boat up around March 13th, and will be having a shop in Pensacola mfgr. and install a t-top curtain/wing arrangement, so I am in the same "boat" as you so to speak.

    I have a friend who has an enclosure that goes from the console to leaning post at about ankle height. Problem with this is that once you are inside the "enclosure", just try and get OUT! You have the choice of climbing over the leaning post (with rods in holders, too) or unsnap/unzip the curtain which is a major pain in the A** (rough seas, cold fingers, etc). The portion that goes from back (aft) of each side of console to leaning post is a seperate piece that zips to main curtain around console and snaps to t-top/leaning post. We always roll it up part way, so it is easy to get in and out be ducking under.

    I have seen the "wings" that go to the gunwales from front/side of console and top of t-top. Never had experience with them, however I question this design: angling out to gunwales seems like it would slow boat a little; be prone to "flapping/moving", etc. when cruising (thus would hinder viewing thru windows); and the stress on the wings/plastic/snaps/etc. has to be pretty great.

    With all this in consideration, I am leaning toward "wings" that are separate from the primary t-top curtain that surrounds center console. If the wings are needed, they will angle from back of console at thigh height to the back and side of t-top "roof". In my opinion, if I had expected to keep my crew and self totally dry, I would have looked at a cuddy cabin instead of CC.

    Are you having plexiglass installed around your console? Or are you going with a removeable curtain there also?

    Mike ><)))'>

  2. 3/4/2000 12:39:00 PM Submitted by Skipjack ( from FLORIDA says I like your idea..
    I think I like the idea of a wing attaching by zipper to the back side of the main curtain around the console and tapering from hip high back up to the T Top. That should keep the spray off your upper body. (still won't due much for hang on passengers) Center Consoles are for fishing, just bring your rain suit and make sure the Captains glasses stay dry. The technitian installing my 582L is going to interface it with my D-GPS (GP-36) and the Radar. (Raytheon SL-72). I'm installing the MK-90 Loran off my old boat, because it has my numbers. (Still, I hope!) Looks like we will be launching about the same time. Good fishing! Skipjack
  3. 3/4/2000 3:46:00 PM Submitted by rogn ( from MARYLAND says wings
    Have a friend that is a red-eyed fanatic and will go out in any weather, although this is in a 30' CC. He has a radar arch with a center curtain for milder times and for the vad days, two full length wings that go (zip) from the arch to the center curtain and extend to the gunnels and then to within an inch or two of the floor. This gibes you a big shallow u shaped cover to hide behind. With the Bimini and the wings in place a crew of 4 is reasonably comfortable at 30 degrees with mild spray flying. When its blowing 20 knt there are a few leaks in the system, but it still repells the ocasions bucket(5gal) that come over the bow at times. You dont need foul weathr gear in the immediate cockpit. The biggest drawback is unzipping to go fore and aft with cold fingers and older slightly shrunk curtains. All in all , this is the system that I plan to build into my CC although I'll probably use a T top and adapt.
  4. 3/4/2000 11:14:00 PM Submitted by Mamaboo ( from FLORIDA says I have the wings and like them
    Skipjack, I have a 28' SeaVee, which I know is similar to the boat you are getting. I had a local shop make an enclosure for me. The front curtain is standard setup and attaches to t-top up high and the front of console down low. The side curtains zipper to the front curtain at the leading edge and fasten to the rear t-top legs with lift the dot fasteners on the trailing edge. The trailing edge of the side curtains can be detatched and fastened to the outside of the t-top up high and to a strap that comes out from under the gunnel down low. It is difficult to describe in detail and I don't have any photos. I really like this setup. It is simple, easy to use and allows good movement around the boat. To go forward with the wings out, just step up on the gunwale and swing around. It doesn't flap very much at all, although it originally did until the canvas guy figured out exactly where the straps need to be. My suggestion is to find 2 or 3 canvas guys in your area, have them come out to the boat and give you ideas. Most of these guys have experiance with similar systems.
  5. 3/5/2000 7:23:00 PM Submitted by Bern ( from FLORIDA says Mamaboo, who did you use?
    I too am looking to curtain my 29 walkaround. My T-top goes to the gunnels. I need a good reference preferably in the miami area.


  6. 3/5/2000 8:12:00 PM Submitted by Mamaboo ( from FLORIDA says I used Wycap in Ft. Lauderdale
    Bern, I used Wycap in the Fort Lauderdale area. Buzz Dunn was the guy who I dealt with, and I was very pleased in all regards. Their number is (954) 942-1661.

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