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SUBJECT: # 22400: Stumpknocker Boat

Submitted by agray ( from SOUTH CAROLINA on 1/13/2002 8:16:00 AM

Has anyone ever heard of a "Stumpknocker" boat? I've found a few references to them by searching the net in general but nothing specific and no pics. Someone offered me a '82, 15" with a 15hp Suzuki, also an '82. He sais that the boat has set up for four years will start up but runs rough. His price is $750.00 W/ trailer. I'd love to hear some comments on both motor and boat before I drive 100 miles one way to look at it. I have a 17' CC that I use for the coast and reservoirs and need somthing for the river and swamp. Thanks

  1. 1/13/2002 10:58:00 AM Submitted by Searobin ( from FLORIDA says Stumpknocker
    Agray, I think the boat in question is a rowboat-type hull. Flatbottom, with livewell seats perhaps. I have seen some here in Florida, but don't recall anything specific about them. Look and see if the manufacturer's build code is on the hull, usually on the stern, starboard side. Confirm by looking at the title. If the serial number starts with GFS, then the manufacturer should be

    Griffis and Sons Fiberglass N. Hwy 301 Starke, FL 32091 (904) 964-8228

    They may or may not still be in business.

    I would suggest that you go see it if you are interested. Look for the normal things that you would in any boat. Especially look to see if the glass is in good shape, with no water intrusion into the underlying plywood, especially in the transom area.

    As for the little motor.........if you can bring a small can of fresh fuel with you, and try running off that, it may be helpful. Pull the spark plugs, ground against the block, and see if they have good spark when you pull the cord. If the spark is weak, you may need to pull the flywheel and get a new stator. If spark is strong, then check to see that the plugs are clean. Old gas may have gunked up the carb. The little motors aren't too complicated to diagnose.

    While it is running, try pulling one of the plugs wires off. If it dies, replace the wire, start it up, and try the other one. If pulling one of the plug wires off results in it running just the same rough way, then you have a dead cylinder. That could mean one bad coil, wire, or perhaps the stator or just have to figure it out.

    Good Luck!

  2. 1/14/2002 7:28:00 PM Submitted by Huey ( from FLORIDA says Stumpknocker
    Searobin is correct that it is probably a flat bottom type boat at 15 ft. I bought a used 14ft a couple years ago with a beat up trailer for $400, no engine. Figured I would take it out when I did not feel like going offshore in my other boat. It is well made and simple. Not much too it but the 15 will not do much if you have yourself, a buddy and some gear. I run my kicker from my other boat on it a 15 Johnson and it is a slug with three people. I like ours with no problem but like I said it is pretty simple set up.

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