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SUBJECT: # 23224: Important info about Woody Wax...

Submitted by bonefish from TENNESSEE on 4/15/02 10:49:00 AM

I am in no way connected to the makers, but the stuff is awesome! I received a sample last week and applied Woody Wax all over my boat, outside, nonskid floors, metal rails, instruments, motor, etc.

After fishing hard all week, I just cleaned up the boat this morning in half an hour! It was nasty, but everything came clean with a squirt of pine cleaner. I can see water beads on most everything and will reapply the wax in a couple of months to get a complete covering of protection. Then I won't wax but once or twice a year.

Before using the Woody Wax I was scrubbing with On/Off and Purple Power, sometimes needed steel wool. It took hours to get the boat clean and one trip to get it nasty again.

My wife surprised me with a bottle of Woody Wax (and other stuff) for our anniversary. She's a very smart woman!

I highly recommend Woody Wax!

  1. 4/15/02 3:21:00 PM Submitted by Dano ( from VIRGINIA says Hey Bonefish
    Where did you get the sample of Woody Wax? I have heard about this stuff and have not been able to find it. Is there a web site?

  2. 4/15/02 7:36:00 PM Submitted by bonefish from TENNESSEE says Hey Dano...
    The website for Woody Wax is:

    Woody's email address (to ask for a sample) is

    Tell him bonefish sent you.

  3. 4/16/02 8:02:00 AM Submitted by Carrie Dee ( from CONNECTICUT says Hope this stuff works...
    I just ordered that 16 oz kit. Man...$46 with shipping. Sure hope it works as well as this post suggests.

    I'll follow up with a post after application and use. Thanks for the recommendation bonefish.

  4. 4/16/02 9:41:00 AM Submitted by bonefish from TENNESSEE says Carrie Dee...
    The stuff is great. If it doesn't work as I said, I'll buy it from you.

    The product is sort of like ArmorAll on steroids. Apply with a soft brush on wet surfaces. Remember to use sparingly.

    After you wax, clean only with a household pine cleaner to keep the wax protection.

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