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SUBJECT: # 24638: how to fix a cracked igloo cooler?

Submitted by Squid Vishes ( from VIRGINIA on 11/12/02 8:29:00 AM

Like a fool, I smacked a clump of ice against the inside wall of my 160 qt. igloo fish coffin to break up the ice and cracked the cooler instead. I now have a small dent and a crack in the cooler's liner. Anybody have a good product to use to fix it? I don't think anything hard like marine-tex will be good cuz it'll eventually chip off, right?

  1. 11/12/02 8:43:00 AM Submitted by Ancient Mariner ( from TEXAS says Igloo repair
    Marine Tex works just fine. I've also used aquarium sealer with good results. I've only patched small holes in large coolers because they're so cheap if I mess up a small one I just buy new. On a 160 tho -----. From what you describe I don't think the hole is too large for either sealer or MarineTex.

  2. 11/12/02 9:13:00 AM Submitted by Ernest ( from TEXAS says Epoxy
    I just roughed up the surface, wiped with acetone, and slapped on a piece of fiberglass tape soaked in epoxy. Three years and still holding strong. My cracks were down in the lower corner so there was not much flexing of the area.

  3. 11/12/02 9:57:00 AM Submitted by FreeOnBoard from TEXAS says 5200 and glass cloth
    Roughed the surface around the break and cleaned it with acetone as Ernest describes. Put on a layer of 5200, bedded a piece of glass cloth into it, then covered with a enough 5200 to hide the fibers. Think I used a heat lamp or hair dryer to warm it up enough to make a nice smooth surface. Have done a couple of coolers this way. One of the repairs is three years old and shows no sign of separation between the 5200 and the liner. Before you fix it, be sure to get the water out of the damaged area. Good luck.

  4. 11/12/02 11:55:00 PM Submitted by Salsa ( from CALIFORNIA says Hot Glue Gun
    I would use the old Hot Glue Gun.


  5. 11/13/02 9:02:00 AM Submitted by Charlie ( from NEW JERSEY says cooler
    I dropped my 151 Igloo and broke the corner. I used fiberglass cloth and polester resin. That was about 20 years; and she is still going strong.

  6. 11/13/02 10:42:00 AM Submitted by Thom ( from WEST VIRGINIA says Not 5200 For Me
    I've tried 5200 to fill gouges with little success. It seems to hold up for a couple of months and then falls out. I haven't tried sanding the surfaces though, maybe that would give the mechanical bond necessary to hold.


  7. 11/17/02 11:14:00 PM Submitted by Jack Hexter ( from FLORIDA says Cooler Repairs
    I've used Flex Coat, the resin used to coat fishing rod wraps. Roughed the area with sandpaper and just poured it on, let it puddle and cure. It discolors a little but it's inside a cooler so who cares.

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