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SUBJECT: # 24794: pre made fiberglass stringers

Submitted by kevin in ny ( from NEW YORK on 12/27/02 9:00:00 PM

I know I read about them on one of these pages :they are pre formed and you just fibreglass tape them in , or were these stringers made out of another material, any help out there? thanks in advance .

  1. 12/29/02 6:25:00 PM Submitted by Dunk from NEW JERSEY says Foam Stringers..
    Keven actually they are styrofoam stringers covered with fiberglass cloth. Yes, the have cloth tabs to glass them in with, but you also need a couple more layers of glass over them for real strenght.

    You can buy them cut to specific angles to fit the deadrise angle of the hull and still have flat mounting surface on top of them. They are also stackable it you need a taller stringer.

    Just like a wood stringer the real strenght is in the glass covering it not what molds the glass to get the shape.

    I used to have the web site, but can't find it now.

  2. 12/29/02 7:02:00 PM Submitted by Tim ( from VIRGINIA says Can you build them yourself?
    Dunk, If you wanted to build them yourself, what type of foam would you need? I would think its special since It seems resin would melt regular old Styro foam.

  3. 12/29/02 9:28:00 PM Submitted by Dunk from NEW JERSEY says Resin's...
    Tim, yes if you use polyester resins it will melt and react with styrofoam and not setup. I've never see a foam that will react with epoxy. If you use epoxy, which you should anyway, I think you can get away with any kind of foam. For that matter you could use cardboard if you fabricate it to the right shape.

  4. 12/30/02 2:39:00 PM Submitted by joc ( from DELAWARE says dunk-
    Your cardboard comment got me thinking(oh no- not again). Over the weekend I borrowed a 10ft break and wrapped all the exposed wood on my garage to eliminate future painting.The metal coils are readily available,treated for corrosion,easily cut with a knife and easily shaped with the break.Stringers made this way would be lightweight, should last forever and won't soak up water like wood or foam.So what do you think? Does this have any merit,or is it just a half baked idea that should be forgotten.BTW, I'm just making conversation, not actually anticipating doing any of this. Happy Holdays!!!

  5. 12/30/02 3:00:00 PM Submitted by Tim ( from VIRGINIA says Thanks Dunk
    Yes I would use Epoxy. Styro seems like a good way to build a box for electronics or a bait box as the weight would be minimal.

  6. 12/31/02 1:43:00 PM Submitted by G-Cru ( from TEXAS says Wood
    Why not make it from CDX plywood, then glass mat and epoxy resin for several layers? That ought to last a long while, expecially if you don't drill holes in it.

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