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SUBJECT: # 24800: How did I fry my inboard RW pump??

Submitted by SteveF ( from MARYLAND on 12/30/02 2:48:00 PM

My 8.1L inboard has only 50 hours on it. Last month I emptied the strainer and filled it with anti-freeze (a wasted step I realize now) then pulled the hose off the seacock and put it in a bucket of antifreeze. When I cranked her up it took several minutes to pull through the AF but someone told me that's typical. Nice day here today so I opened the seacock, carefully checked everything and prepared to go out. After a few minutes idling in the slip I noticed that the strainer was still 'pink'! Then exhaust started smoking because I was starting to fry my exhaust system. FWC engine never went over 80 degrees so block is fine. I hope the exhaust system is okay. Now I have to pull up the whole deck to replace the pump but will it happen again??! I'm a bit sick over it....

  1. 12/31/02 9:21:00 AM Submitted by Miles Offshore ( from VIRGINIA says Air-lock??
    Steve, Not for certain but it sounds to me like you created an airlock when you emptied your strainer and then you lost your prime on the pump. It has happened to me on my 5.7 before on a couple of occasions.I would suggest to start it up, reopen your strainer,if possible run a garden hose to the pump inlet side of the strainer , when you get good flow close the strainer back. I do not open my strainer unless the engine is running. Not certain if this is your problem, but it sounds to me like it is. Good Luck-

  2. 12/31/02 11:01:00 AM Submitted by SteveF ( from MARYLAND says Thanks question...
    I'll bet you're right. Two questions actually. Should I try all this first in hopes I still have any impeller left? I'll have to run a hose about 150' since the dock water is shut down. Also I always assumed that opening the top of the strainer with the engine running would make it spew forth and maybe empty, creating just the sort of problem I have! Am I misunderstanding something you said?

  3. 12/31/02 12:15:00 PM Submitted by captainbob ( from NEW JERSEY says try it
    I think it is worth a try if you have the energy to roll out the hose. Some impellers can run 10 or 15 minutes dry without falling apart as long as you don't have the seacock closed. Be sure that the lid to the strainer and its gasket are on tight. If it is not properly sealing, the water pump will suck air instead of water.

  4. 12/31/02 4:32:00 PM Submitted by Miles Offshore ( from VIRGINIA says impeller
    Steve, start the motor,open the strainer, , and see if you have flow .check the arrows on the strainer and run /pour a plastic 1 gallon milk jug full of water into the outlet side.This should prime the pump . no water should come out of the strainer. If this doesnt prime the pump and start flow then one of 2 things are happening. 1) something is blocking the area where water enters your seacock (ice ?) and 2) the impellar is burned up or your water pump is just not working properly. If this all works and you get flow then replace the strainer top and seal. Hope this works. Always check the strainer with engine running. Normally if I get the airlock I will realize it when my water temp starts rising. I will then open motor comp , open the strainer top, close it back, then good to go. Hope this works for you, if not then Im not sure what is happening.craig

  5. 12/31/02 5:26:00 PM Submitted by walt ( from TEXAS says impeller
    I would replace the impeller they are cheap and easy to replace I would not take a chance on one that may be damager it may work for now but the life of the impleller has been shortened by runing dry

  6. 1/3/03 10:08:00 AM Submitted by SteveF ( from MARYLAND says Collateral damage?
    I will replace the impeller eventually. I'm tempted to try to see if she'll prime with the likely damaged one in there but what if it's in pieces? Won't I then drive some of those pieces into the rest of the system??

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