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SUBJECT: # 25288: Mercruiser shift linkage boot repair

Submitted by 4wdfisher ( from TEXAS on 4/27/03 11:21:00 AM

The boot cracked around the shift linkage outside the boat. It looks like you have to disassemble most of the outdrive to get to it. Is there an easier way to replace the boot?


  1. 4/27/03 2:29:00 PM Submitted by Phillip T ( from TEXAS says Mercruiser
    If I remember correctly, you have to pull the entire drive to get to it. But it's been quite a while since I owned one of those. But memory tells me that you have to pull the drive, and then unhook the shift cable and slide the old boot off and the new one on. If I was to undertake that project I would also replace the drive boot while at it. And get a manual. The drive boot is such a snug fit that you are supposed to place the hose clamps a certaing way. Only did that once, but I do remember that you need three extra fingers, and dust of your vocabularly of cuss words.

  2. 4/28/03 3:55:00 PM Submitted by Greek ( from TEXAS says Mercruiser shift linkage boot repair
    You'll have to pull the outdrive and and most probably the piece which attaches to the Gimball housing. I forget what it's called now. It's the piece that pivots up and down and to which both the shift linkage and the main drive boots are attached. There is a special tool which looks like an oversize TORQS screw driver and it's only available from Mercruiser for about $ 15 - I know I had to buy one. You'll need it to loosen the bolts holding that piece.

    You definitely need a manual. Do a search on this board or on the Web. I have seen step by step procedures posted by various people/mechanics. If you are not mechanically inlined DO NOT ATTEMPT the job.

    You might be able to patch the crack with Blue RTV if you are willing to do it periodically. It will hold for a while but not forever.

    Where in Texas are you? I'm in the Houston area and have the manual and some procedures I got from the Internet.


  3. 4/29/03 2:13:00 PM Submitted by 4wdfisher ( from TEXAS says Thanks for the info
    I'll buy a manual - fairly mechanical - have rebuilt a few engines in my day. I'm in Houston - thanks for the offer. I can go it alone from here.


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