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SUBJECT: # 25291: T-Top Loose

Submitted by Gene ( from FLORIDA on 4/27/03 11:52:00 AM

I have a 1989 Mako 251 and my T-Top has come loose again. The first time it came loose the entire console came loose also. I pulled the console and T-Top and filled in all of the stripped holes under the console with marine tex and installed bigger screws for the console which has kept the console down tight. I used toggler bolts to reinstall the t-top posts instead of the screws which were originally used as they had reeemed the holes out and were no longer holding the t-top post down. Last weekend the toggler bolts stripped out and so now I think my only option left is to cut a hole in the deck and install bolts with washers and nut under the t-top leg post to hold it then install a small deck plate. One thing I am concerned about is cutting through the stringers on the boat when I cut a hole in the deck. Does anyone know how close the stringers are to the deck and where they are located on my model Mako?
Thanks in advance!

  1. 4/28/03 9:50:00 AM Submitted by BillS ( from TEXAS says Did you use bedding compound on the T-Top
    Did you use a bedding compound like 5200 on the T-Top flanges before bolting? That compound is a super adhesive and will do a lot of the work and take a load off of the bolts. But you have to do the right prep first. I have seen bedded joint tested where the failure was the laminate, and not the compound. Need to clean both surfaces first with Acetone, and rough the aluminum flange with 80 grit sandpaper. Also, place a fender fasher under the center of the flange to act as a spacer so that all of the compound does not squeeze out of the joint. If you do through bolt it, install a metal backing plate. I had a similar problem and used the same flanges that they weld onto the tower legs for backing plates. Got them from Tops and Towers. BillS

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