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SUBJECT: # 25339: starter will not stay engaged

Submitted by Hb ( from NORTH CAROLINA on 5/3/03 6:37:00 PM

Just installed a new starter on a 50hp Tohatsu ('88 model). Prior to new starter, the old starter had become intermittant, working correctly ~80-90 of the time, then nothing (relay connects, no spin). Handstart was required in those cases. Anyway, turned starter gear, checked connections, general debug and no improvement. Eventually settled on starter. Hitachi sealed model, gotta go new.

OK, new starter is in and works 100% of the time. However, it will engage, then bounce up and down inside the ring gear a couple of times, then pop out of the ring gear and spin. Exactly the same action, every time. All total, engagement is maybe 1 sec before it drops out. Starter turns the motor just fine while in the ring gear. In fact, a few repeats of this short engagement is enough to start the motor. However, it's clearly not right.

There does not appear to be any damage to either the starter or ring gear.

Any ideas/solutions?

  1. 5/5/03 8:48:00 AM Submitted by Thom ( from WEST VIRGINIA says Try This
    Have you tried putting in a different battery, one that you knew to be good and healthy? I've just got a feeling that you have a weak one in there now.


  2. 5/8/03 9:58:00 PM Submitted by Hb ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Battery seems good
    Thom, thanks for the input.

    Checked the battery... 12.6 volts. Probably not the problem. Also got 12.5 volts from the hot lead at the relay, so it's not the cables or switch.

    Just for the heck of it, I shut off the battery switch and bypassed the relay by wiring the hot lead directly to the starter itself. Switched on... got the same 1 sec of engagement and then drop and spin. Would seem to indicate that the starter itself is not right. Tomorrow, I'm going back to the old starter to see how it behaves.

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