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SUBJECT: # 25585: Rolled edge boats vs lined boats

Submitted by Hawgman ( from ARKANSAS on 6/13/03 11:53:00 AM

I'm looking at several bay boats. I prefer boats with a liner over rolled edge boats. I've never ridden in a rolled edge boat but I think they may not be as stiff and rugged as the liner boats. What's everyone experience with these two boats?

  1. 6/13/03 12:03:00 PM Submitted by John ( from TEXAS says Have Had Both and
    Having Had both and Now have a Rolled edge it's simple the liner ones are pretty but no real performance difference you do gain sive with rolled edge and it's simply a no frills type boat you already have enough to worry about with the hull gel coat whe add to that with a liner ... Now if you are looking at say a Pathfinder- Rolled edge Kenner stop because they are different animals .... But if you are the kind of guy who makes his own brush piles , or pick's up crab traps for the state during the planed pick up dates you will understand why you have a rolled edge ...(no scratches)...BUt if you need the feeling of impressing your buddies go liner ...Also you gain stuff like rod holders both on the Gunnel and on top of the gunnel but cost will be less, ride will be the same and you will not be so anal about something happening inside the boat ....John

  2. 6/13/03 5:57:00 PM Submitted by newbie ( from TEXAS says rolled/liner
    I've actually owned an 18V from Kenner and I currently have a 1900V from Pathfinder. Loved both boats. I sold the Kenner because we were moving, otherwise I'd still have it. I still think it's one of the best boats for the price available...but the next time I was in the market Witt Marine was rigging them with Mercury motors instead of Yamaha. The liner boat feels more solid on the water when the conditions are rough. As far as fishability and such, the differences seem minimal. My advice would be to ride in them, put it through a test in conditions that are similar to what you'll face the majority of time. If I had to sell the Pathfinder tomorrow and buy a rolled boat, I'd still be able to do everything I can do now.

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