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SUBJECT: # 25672: 21ft Center Console Gas Tank Problems

Submitted by Michael ( from SOUTH CAROLINA on 7/1/03 8:22:00 AM

I have a 21 ft center console which I purchased a few weeks ago for a decent price. I have taken to the shop and had the engine tuned up, carps rebuilt, and water pump replaced. I got it home to finish some of the other work, such as stearing replacement, electronics rewiring and low and behold I noticed Gas in the bilge area. This started last night and it has drained about 2 galons already, luckly there is only 5 gallons in the 40 gal tank.

I have read most of the posts about gas tank replacement and understand what needs to be done. I pulled the Center Console floor out and the tank appears to be about 2 and 1/2 feet wide and looks like it is about 8 feet long or maybe longer. The problem is that there is no way to get the tank out without removing the center console and probably most of the deck.

Any suggestions on what is the next step, how much this is going to cost me, how much of the work can I do myself, etc. I dont have a lot of money and do not mind doing the work, but I do not want to make matters worse by cutting the tank out and then finding out that I will never get the deck put back together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any books which may be of interest for a job such as this?
Boat information:
21 ft CC
1978 Barbour
150 HP Mercury Black Max

Plus: Is there an issue with using it for the summer season with an external gas tank. I would use the boat on a medium sized lake for striper fishing and then replace the tank during the fall when things settle down.

Thank you,

Michael Irvin

  1. 7/1/03 8:43:00 AM Submitted by John ( from TEXAS says yes , yes , costly , and no problems.....
    For starters welcome to the bad tank Club!!!! before you do anything remove the battery/ies then pump out all that old gas that you can get out and start flushing with water and dish soap..... after you have done this and are not smelling gas clean the bilge well. replace any and all pumps as the gas has killed them already....... if you would like to wait till the off season thats not a problem simple find your self some deck mounted tanks and enjoy .. keep them vented and watch the smoking ....But you will need to pull console and cut as small of a hole as you can and get the tank out start shopping for a replacement tank and search ebay, west marine, and even local fab shops but you will find 10.00 a gallon is normal... if you do not think you can refloor the deck contact any number of repair shops and ask them how much? your going to find that it will cost big time...You might be better off redecking the entire boat and while you have it off repair/replace any and all bulkhead and do stringer work ..A Good off season job ....Good Luck ...o yea i replaced a 40 gallon last summer and with another shop doing the floor i spend 700.00 and the tank was off ebay ...New it only went 56.00 so the deck work is the pricey part .....John

  2. 7/1/03 2:16:00 PM Submitted by Jim ( from MARYLAND says Web Site
    Michael, There is an article about tank replacement on There may also be one on I had a tank go bad on my 20ft Center Console and replaced it with an 18 gallon above deck (under the console) tank. Simply reroute some fuel lines and be sure to tighten down the fuel fill on the gunnel to prevent inadvertent fueling into a leaking tank.


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