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SUBJECT: # 27496: Suzuki vs Johnson 4 stroke 140??

Submitted by dragnfly ( from NORTH CAROLINA on 1/1/06 10:37:00 AM

Looking at new 140 HP Suzuki vs Johnson 4 stroke. Johnson is cheaper. Got mixed opinions from dealers .. one wouldn'd touch the other, etc." even though they're all made by Suzuki.. Dunk, others ... what's the real deal?

  1. 1/1/06 3:51:00 PM Submitted by Dunk79 ( from NJ says The Real Deal...
    Is they are both the same except for paint color. Yes, for warranty work you have to bring it to the same make dealer. Who knows what Zuke's deal is with Bomb?? I'm pretty sure this is the last year for Johnson 4 strokes..

    There's a Zuke dealer in the Morehead City area that is suppose to have unbelieveable prices. That whole area is loaded with them..

  2. 1/2/06 3:10:00 PM Submitted by reh ( from NC says Suzuki dealer Morehead City
    There is a suzuki dealer in Morehead City, but I believe the one you're looking for with the best prices is in Havelock, about 15 miles away on hwy 70. It was Walsh's Marine, and I believe he may have been the #1 suzuki dealer in the country a few times over the past 15 years or so. Anyway, it's now BayRacer Marine. The number over there is: 252-447-2277 and toll free: 877-262-9626. Ask for Rodney or John.

    And no, I don't work for them, nor am I related to anyone that works there. I did a lot of business with Danny (Walsh) when he owned it, and purchased a Sea Craft from John, who now owns (BayRacer). Their service is top notch, and damn near unbeatable. I live about 50 miles from there, and have had Danny fix a problem, faster than my local dealer could find me a place to drop the boat, do the paperwork, and tell me to check back in a couple of weeks.

  3. 1/29/06 1:24:00 PM Submitted by Rumrunner ( from NC says suzuki 140's
    Bayracer bought out the Walsh guys. I think their prices are still pretty good though. You might also want to call Precision Marine in Goldsboro. Suzuki is making the Johnson 4 stroke.

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